A Community Supported Winery

In 2013, I brought the concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to the wine business. Glasshaus Wines allowed members to purchase discounted shares of future production and given an insiders-view into wine growing and winemaking.

As Founder / GM / Winemaker, I developed and executed the production, design, marketing, sales and operational strategy. Members Drink Well (90+ Wine Enthusiast), While Doing Good (a portion of their sale went to aid at-risk youth)

Everything you need to know about this project can be found on glasshauswines.com


Label Design

It’s all about the weather

"80% of a wine is made in the vineyard" is a common refrain in the wine industry. So, I took the four weather patterns that we track throughout the growing season to create the unique Guilloché patterns. Each label is a representation of that vintage's growing season. Each year, a new pattern will emerge due to that vintage's unique growing season.

2013 Elements Only.png
2013 Patterns Only.png


Front 2.56x2.56 (Moo).png
1.1 Back 2.56x2.56 (Moo).png
1.2 Back 2.56x2.56 (Moo).png

Weather Analyses

Weather Impacting the 2013 Vintage