Design Principles

As Creative Director & Head of Design, I spearheaded the structure and formation of a design team and fostered a design thinking culture.

Here are samples of the principles that I set in motion and I personally follow in my own work.



Less is Better

I am inspired by the Minimalism art movement. It strives to reduce a subject down to its necessary elements until nothing further can be removed to improve the design.

Guiding Principles

Thoughtful. Thoroughly consider the needs of the audience. Employ Empathy.

Intentional. Proceed deliberately, never arbitrarily. All elements have meaning and purpose.

Essential. Simplify down to the fundamental essence. Nothing further can be removed to improve the design.

Natural. Act in agreement with the character of the subject matter and the circumstances of the surrounding environment. Strive for harmony, peace and balance.

Impactful. Aim for experiences that create Wow. Consider form and function as one.


A Case For Design

How do you level up design from little “d” to big “D”? Peter Merholz’s & Kristin Skinner’s great book Org Design for Design Orgs is summarized here.


Design Thinking

After completing the IDEO U 4-Course Design Thinking curriculum, I created this seminar series to create a movement to level up product design based on these principles across the entire organization.